About Us

Welcome to the world of unique and inspired home fragrance. 

As every candle lover knows, the candle market in Britain is a busy place. But at a closer look, we believe that the market can be split into three segments: candles which focus mainly on packaging, candles which focus mainly on fragrance, and candles which simply replicate what the current market leaders do.

This may appear to be a sweeping statement or an unfair generalisation, but the sheer volume of candle makers out there suggests that, try as they might, only a few are getting It right.


What Makes Us Different?

Well, we believe there is another way of doing it.


By not narrowing our focus and concentrating on either fragrance or packaging, we throw passion and creativity into both of these aspects. By using imaginative fragrance names, tasteful but subtle sketching on our candle labels, as well as ensuring crucial re-purchases with impeccable burning quality, we make sure that you don't have to compromise on any key aspects when purchasing our home fragrance products.